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liquor.gif (14370 bytes)New Liquor Cost Control Program Saves Bar & Restaurant Owners Tens of Thousands EVERY YEAR!!

The hospitality industry’s first audio tape program specifically designed to help bar and restaurant owners cut and control their liquor costs has been released by Linda Lipsky Restaurant Consultants, Inc. (LLRCI).

The program centers around an easy-to-follow, 25-step process that will help owners and managers reduce and manage their liquor costs. The program is the culmination of Linda Lipsky’s 20 years in hospitality management and her hands-on experience with over 500 hospitality consulting clients.

These are but a few of the bottom line essential issues that are clearly addressed in the program. In addition, the package contains a set of Master Forms that will help any property to better manage their inventory and ordering systems.

As an added bonus, the program includes LLRCI’s "Top 10 List of Ways Bartenders Steal," an essential tool for anyone who manages or owns a bar.

The program is the first in a series of LLRCI Management Development Audio Tape Programs created to help owners and managers maximize their profits and maintain their competitive advantage in today’s marketplace.


The Official Food & Beverage Spell Checkerę
Now Contains Over 19,000 Ways To Show
Your Customer You Have Great Taste

Now Available for Restaurateurs, Caterers, Menu and Beverage List Designers, Chefs, Culinary Students, Food Writers and Cookbook Authors

Zushi frozen sushi. Ultimat Vodka. Olivinos. Champalou Vouvray. Three years ago, those brands and products didn't exist. Today, they're in demand and being misspelled on menus and beverage lists from Maine to California.

To protect your image - and your dignity when the local food critic comes to call - The Official Food & Beverage Spell Checkerę now contains over 19,000 culinary terms to help you eliminate culinary spelling errors; thousands more than the most recent version released in 1998.

Each year, hundreds of new wineries, microbreweries, liqueurs and eclectic recipe ingredients create countless possibilities to compromise your culinary credibility. Just think of the last time you saw the word "Caesar" misspelled on someone else's menu.

"The average menu contains two-to-five typos," says Linda Lipsky, the national restaurant consultant who created and updated this valuable tool. "Will consumers pay $5 for a chocolate mouse, let alone $25 for bowlabaise?"

In addition to commonly misspelled menu items (Cappuccino & vinaigrette) and tricky beverage brands (Absolut & Courvoisier), The Official Food & Beverage Spell Checkerę includes thousands of ethnic food terms, from Asian and French to Spanish and Italian.

Computers and laser printers have enabled restaurateurs to keep their daily additions fresher than ever before. More and more restaurateurs are printing their menus, wine, beer and dessert lists in-house, saving the costly expense of an outside printer.

The newly released Official Food & Beverage Spell Checkerę is:

Available versions: Microsoft Word 7.0, '97, '98, 2000, and 2002 (XP Office) for Windows

The Official Food & Beverage Spell Checkerę can be ordered by calling Linda Lipsky Restaurant Consultants, Inc. at (877) 425-FOOD (3663). Payment may be made by check or money order.

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